T Owen Group
Sales Performance Management Practice
The T Owen Group works with clients on
improving the performance of their middle tier
performers through leveraging the skills and
competencies prevalent in their top performers.

Through an exclusive relationship established with
CompetencyPlus, LLC, an On-Demand developer
of Sales Competency Based Modeling tools, SPM
Consulants work with clients in the set-up, delivery
and  processing of "people data" - analyzing and
recommending initiatives around enhancing core
competency performance.
T Owen Group SPM Consultants guide clients through
the process of correlating Sales Results to a specific
Competency or Groups of Competencies at an
individual, team, or organizational level, to effectively;

  •     Identify and stack rank all resources based on
    overall value - value modeling

  •      Identify the competencies or groups of
    competencies that drive superior performance

  •    Leverage those competencies to build the
    middle tier

  •      Identify gaps in skills required for planned
    strategy versus executable strategy

Talent Acquisition Practice
The T Owen Group's Practice Consultants work
with clients in three areas;

Lastly, the T Owen Group provides Selective
Staffing Services, a program whereby clients
receive all the focus of a retained search -
without the retainer cost and aligned on a
modular basis to their average cost for a
professional hire

Secondly, through an exclusive relationship with
CompetencyPlus, LLC, an On-Demand
developer of Sales Competency Based Modeling
tools, T Owen Group Consultants aide clients in
developing hiring models based on leveraging
identified key competencies prevalent in top
performers within their organizations.

Firstly, refining strategies around sources of
hires, aligning their resources and strategies
around "Inbound" activities as well as "outbound"
activities, focusing on Productivity, Open-Seat
Time and Cost