T Owen Group
Sales Human Capital Management
"Start with good people, lay out
the rules, communicate with
your employees, motivate them
and reward them. If you do all
these things effectively, you
can't miss"

Lee Iaccoca
"If you pick the right people and
give them the opportunity to
spread their wings and put
compensation as a carrier behind
it you, almost don't have to
manage them"

Jack Welsh
Sales Performance Management (SPM) Practice

The T Owen Groups SPM Practice works with clients to identify key Sales Competencies prevalent in their top
producers such that they can be replicated with the mid to low performing groups

  • Through an exclusive licensing agreement with CompetencyPlus, LLC, the T Owen Group utilizes the people analytics
    approach to uncover what differentiates high achievers from low achievers and help organizations drive increased
    productivity from the middle. Before spending another dollar on training initiatives you believe you need, visualize the
    people data that aide you in making those investments.

  • Using the CompetencyPlus Candidate Pre-Interview Assessment Application allows clients to get a view of a candidate,
    as the candidate views themselves - prior to an interview. The T Owen Group works with clients in building Candidate Self
    Assessments based on competencies required for a Sales Role, then, aides clients in the administration.
Talent Acquisition Practice

The T Owen Groups Talent Acquisition Practice works with clients in two ways: Retained Search -  finding the
candidate who you want and is most likely not responding to postings. Secondly, building a
Branding and
strategy - helping build efficiencies in your staffing capabilities through deploying a Sales/Marketing
approach and structure to the recruiting function.

  • The T Owen Group helps clients align recruitment strategies around Inbound activities such as job boards, career sites,
    company website, referrals, and social media, as well as Outbound activities like internal recruiter initiated, external
    recruiters, career fairs, etc. We then work with clients to develop the metrics and reporting capabilities, thus allowing for
    continual monitoring and aligning open positions with source selection - focusing on productivity, time-to-fill and cost.

  • The T Owen Groups Talent Acquisition Practice also includes a Selective Staffing Services Group, comprised of a
    Network of Professional Recruiters aimed at providing retained search activities - but with a twist. No retainer fee and a
    modular cost basis to aide clients in landing those hard to find candidates, while at the same time not exploding their